Thursday, August 8, 2013

Accidental Tourist - the Singapore Bukit Brown Battle has been lost....

Announcement in the news on Aug 5, 2013 casts a heavy shadow over the plight of Bukit Brown and its surrounding area. It is now confirmed that the Land Transport Authority has awarded a tender to build a new road linking Adam Road, the MacRitchie Viaduct and Thomson Road via Bukit Brown Cemetery (with little mention of any impact on the land areas occupied by premier exclusive country club, Singapore Island Country Club) at a cost of S$134.7 million. The winner of the tender is local contractor Swee Hong, which is expected to complete construction by end 2017. 4,153 graves will be affected by or are in the vicinity of the new road. This news is just too sad but I find this in sync with the overall lunar 7th month ghostly feel that started on 7 Aug.

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