Monday, July 26, 2010

Accidental Tourist- Singapore Flyer at Dawn

Was adventurous & decided to take some dawn pictures…the best photo opportunity came along with the “First Light” festival that was organized by The Arts House over the weekend at the Singapore Flyer.

After a groggy wake up at 4.20a.m. followed by a quick taxi ride - I actually considered taking a bus until I found out that nothing moves on the road at that time except for the taxis…I reached the Flyer at 5a.m. We managed to get our tickets almost immediately & proceeded to queue for the capsule. Figured that will be able to catch the break of dawn on top of the Flyer if I only board the capsule at 6.15a.m. At first, thought I had miscalculated as the sky was still dark when we boarded the capsule. Then, the sunrise came from the east & it was beautiful….I picked 4 photos this time as this is my 1st attempt at dawn….

1st picture -the view of the CBD & MBS casino at dawn. At first I thought it looked like my night shots but I think the blue sky made the difference!!

2nd picture -the sea view. I LOVE the blue sky & how it reflects on the water!

3rd picture – view of the boardwalk along the F1 circuit. I LOVE the sky (no longer blue but a few shades of orange & how the (to be completed) building on the right side of the photo seems to fit in - just in-between the railings...

4th picture – There's something about the reflective view of the CBD & MBS casino
in this picture that speaks to me...

Onto the world and beyond!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Accidental Tourist- Thieves Market

Sungei Road Flea Market (aka Thieves Market) is another place I used to frequent cos there’s really quite a bit of "un-Singaporean" feel to it. Why is it called "Thieves market"? Well, back in the ol' days, it was reputedly a place where goods of unknown origins are sold. Now, it's more organised and stretches over 2-3 streets. My photo buddy tells me that the market used to be quite big (like over 2 football fields or 5-6 streets) during the previous financial crisis...

Pics showing people jostling to get a look at the numerous things on sale….old cameras alongside with Buddha statutes & metal containers

Accidental Tourist- Street Graffiti

Was down at Arab Street area the other day. Frankly love going there cos of the cultural feel of that locale. It’s good that I can also get my goodies here for those long ago when I used to make my own jewelry & dress watches. This time however I decided to head out to streets that I somehow don’t go when I head down & I am surprised at the finds I see. I am particularly intrigued with the graffiti that I see – this is NOT usual for “sanitized” Singapore as some of the expats will say…here are my 3 shots…..