Sunday, June 2, 2013

Accidental Tourist - Tale of 2 greens.... Bukit Brown vs. Bishan Park

I had an opportunity over the recent Vesak Day weekend to enjoy 2 different experiences in 1 day - morning visit to the "soon to be destroyed" natural environment of Bukit Brown followed by an afternoon sojourn to the new Bishan Park under the brief drops of rain. 

Over on one side was the largely untouched natural wonder of Bukit Brown which is slated to be drastically destroyed in the coming weeks/ months so that new roads can be built to cater to the ever-growing car population of my small city. Largely left to its own devices for about a century, Bukit Brown is a pristine landscape haphazardly manicured by nature with overgrown tree barks bending and aching from its own weight. I had previously lamented on the loss of Bukit Brown in an earlier blog post ( but I realise that this visit will likely be the last few (if not the last one) that I will be able to undertake during my lifetime. On the other side is the newly opened Bishan Park - with trees evenly spaced out amongst beautiful manicured gardens where grass areas and ponds are placed just to maximize the man-made serenity of the place. 

I cannot help but look at our generation of folly where we will be responsible for destroying something that is naturally created only to turn around to build landscapes that suit and match our idea of what nature should look like. 

It is sad that only after we burn the last green will we realize that we cannot re-build what we have destroyed. Till the next time, onto the world and beyond. 

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