Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Accidental Tourist - 2015 - Singapore's 1st UNESCO World Heritage Site,Singapore Botanic Gardens 新加坡意外的旅客-新加坡植物园世 界遗产网站

Singapore welcomed its very first UNESCO World Heritage Site 3 days ago on 5 July 2015. The 1859 Singapore Botanic Gardens joins a prestigious list and rose to the top amongst excellent company. It holds the honor of being the first botanic gardens in Asia to be listed on the converted world heritage list and only the third in the world; the other 2 being the Orto botanico di Padova in Italy and England's Royal Botanic Gardens. The Gardens joins the likes of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Cambodia's Angkor with its magnificent temples and China's Great Wall on the world heritage list.

2015 年 7 月 5 日, 新加坡欢迎第一个联合国教科文组织的世界遗产,新加坡植物园。1859 新加坡植物园加入一个有名望和最优秀的列表。它拥有在亚洲上市转换后的世界文化遗产名单和只有第三个世界第一的植物园的荣誉。其他 2 被意的是大利Orto botanico di Padova 和英国的皇家植物园。 新加坡植物园上世界遗产名录接澳大利亚的大堡礁,柬埔寨的吴哥和中国的长城。

I always remember my first excursion to the Gardens as a photography student where I saw the Gardens in new light holding onto my camera and taking in all the flora and fauna with my camera. It was also the place where I had my 1st in-depth education totaling 6 weeks of nature photography organized by the Nature Photographic Society of Singapore (NPSS) which hosted their classes there. It was also one of the locations I first tested my newly minted Infrared converted D90 Nikon DSLR as I needed the nice combination of tree, sky and structures coupled with the massive amounts of sunlight that Singapore is well known for.

我永远记得我第一次作为一个摄影学生出游到花园。那天我用新的眼光看见花园的植物区系和动物群。这也是我第一次深入教育 6 周的自然摄影由组织的地方Nature Photographic Society of Singapore (NPSS) 。我第一次测试我新崛起的红外转换的 D90 尼康是新加坡植物园花园有足够阳光和很好的树、 天空和结构的必需结合

Here is my small collection of photos taken at the Gardens over the course of my photographic journey:


till the next time, onto the world and beyond!


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