Sunday, February 26, 2012

Accidental Tourist - OH! Open House at Tiong Bahru, Singapore

A collage of the pictures taken of the art on display at the 6  houses & 1 temple

The only arts walk in Singapore ended last weekend. This is the 3rd year for the art walk and I was one of the lucky 1900 participants (together with another 2 besties) that joined the art walk over 2 weekends.

The walk started with a visit of the temple (the first dedicated to the Monkey God in Singapore) called "Qi Tian Gong temple". To those not familiar with Chinese deities, the monkey god  'Sun Wu Kong' is featured in the novel "Journey to the West". The deity is one of the most famous ones in Chinese theology. Visits to 6 homes within the vicinity revealed more artwork together with photographs of long exposures (6 hours to be precise) of  the house owners in their attire at birth. It was either a mish-mash of vague human forms or in one or 2 instances, a more distinct human form. 

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