Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Accidental Tourist - Photography Trip to the Singapore Zoo

I have visited the Singapore Zoological Gardens many times (with my kids generally) but only recently stepped in there after picking up my DSLR camera. I must say that it was definitely another experience to go there for a specific reason to take photos.

Perhaps the Zoo should consider having special photography guided tours to make things more fruitful for all the gazillions of photographers I encountered that afternoon?

Here's my White Tiger shots - I stayed there for about 2 hours trying to get the shots (photography has certainly taught me the art of patience):

The Rhino was a nice easy target for beginner photographers like me as they move ever so slowly:
Zebra is also a fav of mine. I like the way it was looking squarely at the camera when I took this shot:
Slow moving (and docile) animals like the one below is also another good target:
The most unlikely great photo I got that afternoon was from a humble duck:

Off to the world and beyond!


  1. Friend wow good to see all these in your blog.I did't know blog can also post photos like this. I opened my blog just a week before my husband's sudden departure and I just left it totally empty till now. Yours is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi hi Sharon, I didn't know that you left such a nice comment. Blogging is just like doing a scrapbook/ diary (with pictures) of the olden days. You should pick it up again when you have the time! :) Let me know if you need help (can't promise I can do it justice but post pictures I still can do) :)