Friday, October 15, 2010

Accidental Tourist – Morning Shoot at Marina Bay area using only 50mm lens

Recently did a morning shoot at the Marina Bay area. It was actually quite a long walk from the Marina Bay MRT – initially wanted to head down to the Promontory but ended up at the MBS side. I willed myself to only use my 50mm for that morning so here are some of the shots….

2 photos of the view from Marina Bay Sands side – in both photos, I used 2 different post processing tools like inverted negative & fake tilt shift. For the 1st time, the effects of the post processing looks nice to me… what do you think?

Testing of portrait framing - something about the bumboat meeting the reflection of Raffles City Tower in the horizon looked appealing to me :)

Till the next trip out, onto the world & beyond!

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