Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Accidental Tourist – Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera is something I am deeply mystified about. It falls within the category of the “the known yet unknown” - it is really interesting to me personally but an alien mini-world as the words are simply beyond me. I recalled watching the operas at my estate when I was much younger (especially during the Chinese Seventh Ghost Month) but not understanding a single word since my Mandarin is at best passable and the opera singing is either in Peking dialect, Cantonese or Hokkien dialect so I am confirmed hopeless in this.

Been wanting to take some photos of the performers as they are always decked out in nice costumes and thick thick make-up. Learnt that it was because in the old days, lighting was non-existent so thick thick makeup helps in seeing part. I was most amazed with the facial expressions and mannerisms (used as they don’t have many props – e.g. doors or animals or boats etc). Thoroughly enjoyed my little introduction to this mystical world. Here’re my 2 shots – both close-ups of the actors since I am sitting next to the stage…..

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