Monday, September 13, 2010

Accidental Tourist- Out of the Urban Landscape

Finally had a chance to take some photos out of the urban landscape. Considering the proximity of the place that I was going, I should have done this photo excursion eons ago but somehow, the bed always calls louder in the morning!

As the bed call was softer last Saturday, I managed to slowly make my way down to Mac Ritchie Reservoir to soak in the morning air. I found myself wandering around for some 2 odd hours stopping ever so often to take in the greenery & the tranquility of the place (when it’s not punctuated by the voices of the morning walkers)!

My pic of dew drops on a leaf – I think this particular plant actually retains the dew drops more prominently……

My picture of an elderly man taking a breather on one of the bridges – I was aiming for an artistic shot of his reflection on the water as opposed to a direct shot & frankly I quite like it!

My last picture shows the many waterways along the walk that reminds me somewhat of China’s Guilin…..

I am hoping to take another route & capture more in my next excursion…..

Onto the world and beyond!


  1. You have a quite a good eye for bringing forth a refreshing breath of perspective in what you see.
    I like the simplicity of the captured shots as in the post here.
    Hope to see more of the end results of your wanderings.
    Nice Blog!

  2. Thanks for dropping by & your kind words!