Thursday, September 30, 2010

Accidental Tourist – MacRitchie Reservoir – 2nd trip: Monkey trails

Was down at MacRitchie again last weekend – this is one of the few weekends I don’t have classes on Saturday so decided to pull myself out of bed again at 6a.m. to take some photos.

This time round, I went down the other garden path towards the winding bridge (currently under renovation). I was fascinated with an old sign along the waterworks bridge that indicated that the waterworks was done some 110 years ago in 1890s. Wow!

Managed to hook up with monkey friends – one even spared me the time to pose for some photos for me! :)

Saw some interesting human-monkey behavior which reminded me of a sign that I saw on another trail which is on the other end of the MacRitchie trail – here’s the sign that I saw in my earlier walks…..

I actually wondered what that sign meant. Now I realize that the monkeys have become quite familiar with humans. I saw a monkey leap towards an old couple carrying plastic bags in their hands & was not frightened even after they were chased off by the man. I think they were thinking the couple was carrying food.

Overall, it was fun photographing the monkeys but when you are around there, you really have to be aware of your surroundings (I got one creep up on my bag to rummage through my waist pouch when I was sitting down on a bench).

My poser monkey

Drop by my JPG link as I posted some other photos there as well…..till the next trip out, onto the world & beyond!

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