Monday, June 7, 2010

Accidental tourist in Singapore...Intro

This is a write-up of me being an accidental tourist in the place I grew up in: Singapore. This came about as I was fiddling with my newly purchased DSLR (Nikon D90) and hoping to find interesting topics to photograph in the little island that I call home.

Will be restricting my photo assignments to the various spots in Singapore & (hopefully) finding 3 photos that says the following:
1. an establishing shot (overall picture photo)
2. medium shot (preferably one that leads up to a story)
3. a final close-up shot (for a conclusion to the location)

At every location, I will like take tons of photos but will eventually be restricting myself to show 3 photos for each location. I am still an amateur in using photography to express my feelings so please forgive me for out-of-focus shots.

Onto the unknown & beyond!


  1. You have a blog! Cool... now I can follow your journey in photography :P Keep it up!

  2. thanks Lester for your comment. I hope that I won't disappoint you with my lack of progress :)