Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Accidental Tourist: Istana Woodneuk, previous palace of Sultan of Johor (Backyard of Singapore)

Had a little adventure by trekking through overgrown vegetation, climbing up a small little hillside to reach this abandoned building (at that time not known to be a former palace, belonging to the Sultan of Johor). 

Interesting site - would have been beautiful in its heyday and quite sad to be left in its current state of abandonment. 

Until the next time, onto the world and beyond!

Info obtained from regarding the site:

On a nearby hill, Sultan Abu Bakar built another majestic blue-roofed house for his beloved fourth wife Sultana Khadijah. It was Istana Woodneuk, often confused with Istana Tyersall but was just as grand during its heydays. In 1930, the house was renovated by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar (1873 – 1959), son of Sultan Abu Bakar and the 22nd Sultan of Johor. Today, it is surrounded by thick overgrown vegetation along Holland Road, forgotten and in ruins. The land where the house is standing on still belongs to the Sultan of Johor.

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