Thursday, April 28, 2011

Accidental Tourist - Little India Shoot in April 2011

Went for a walk starting at Little India in central part of Singapore in early April 2011. Little India always fascinates me as it's a totally "new" place when taking photos i.e. you don't get to see some of the things in Little India anywhere else in Singapore e.g. handicraft, posters, food, architecture etc.

Here's a photo of the "famous" flower garland maker.....almost always the men are the ones making the extremely long garlands filled with perfumed flowers.

They can be found in almost every street corner in this place! As they are so used to having tourists snapping away, they have learnt the art of looking away or disinterested in the whole photography process....which is a shame for us photo buffs as I stood there almost like an eternity hoping to get a shot of him looking up instead of down but then again, I don't string flowers for a living and if I do, I will also probably concentrate on what gives me the dole.....

Now, this comment just gave me an idea that perhaps the tourism body here should have a skill display of some sort for these people who can then reach out to those interested in learning more about stringing their own garland. Will probably make the tourist experience more enriching!

Over here, you can also find bangles of every single color in the rainbow & more!

The other extremely unique handicraft that you can only find in this location is "henna" which is actually a temporary tattoo applied using plant dyes on your hand, arms and/or feet. It's a lovely art form as it takes a steady hand and a creative mind to come up with all the wonderful intricate designs that the ladies will simply love!!! Natural henna (dark brown) is preferred as it simply wears off after a few days... of course with everyone "wow"ing at your body art!

Personally, Little India is the first place I learnt to use my Nikon D90 DSLR after getting it last May.....this place has a special place in my heart when it comes to introducing me to the wonderful world of photography *Aw*

The photo buff group I went with this time were extremely adventurous as not only we went around Little India, we even ventured down past the Thieves Market near Arab Street area before heading down the Malay enclave at Arab Street before ending our photo-walk at Bugis area! More of those other fabulous places in later posting when I take my breath before the next posts! Needless to say, it was definitely an extremely productive shoot on that day.

Till the next time, off to the world & beyond!

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