Thursday, August 19, 2010

Accidental Tourist- Singapore City Skyline photos

Was down at the Esplanade the other day & decided to try some long exposure photos using my recently acquired wide angle lens. Read the “PhotoCaddy” app in my iPhone that indicated that night photography needs a tripod, long exposure times of at least 20 secs and above at shutter priority mode so that’s exactly what I did. The route that I took started from the Merlion before getting on the bridge to Esplanade before heading down Helix Bridge to Marina Bay Sands before stopping for a drink at Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Singapore city skyline from Esplanade

Helix bridge with a huge crowd & the national flag reflected on Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

Pool bar (Lantern) on top of Fullerton Bay Hotel (with the MBS on the background)

If you have a chance, do take that same way around & see what you can find!

Onto the world & beyond!