Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Accidental tourist - Singapore from the sky: The Singapore Flyer

I have been on the Singapore Flyer several times....yes, I know it is a tourist thing but hey! Where else can one view the Singapore city skyline?

It is definitely not a cheap expedition because it costs approximately S$1 for every minute you are on the ride….but the other 2 occasions was subsidized fares (due to company sponsored trips) so this is my 1st real full-fare ride…

Having gone on for both the day and night rides, I will definitely take the night ride anytime! Here are the reasons why…

  1. There are basically 2 sections when you are in your little capsule going round the giant wheel– the sea section and the land section. Small trivia: originally, the spinning of the wheel starts from the land view and ends with the sea view. In 2008, for feng shui reasons, the turning changed to start from the sea view section and ending with the land view section. For more information about this trivia, hop over to http://www.singaporeflyer.com/en/media-releases/singapore-flyer-flying-high-with-feng-shui.html
  2. Personally, I think you can get a nicer city skyline at night. This is especially if there is construction going on (which in Singapore’s case, it is almost an everyday affair). In the day, it is just boring construction sites but in the night, even the lights surrounding the construction site make the area more "fairy like".
  3. If you are up there anytime during the day (worst time is high noon), it can get quite hot inside the capsule even though it is air-conditioned. Personally, being a pampered soul, I prefer a cool environment than a heated up capsule.
  4. From the sea-view section, twinkling lights on the ships look great to me…

There a many places that you can see whilst riding on the Flyer – the official website has a great summary: http://www.singaporeflyer.com/en/visitor-guide/views-from-the-top.html

My expedition is to try to capture Singapore skyline @ night whilst on the Flyer – unfortunately for me, there will be some challenges:

  1. night scene – I am at best a struggling amateur on DLSR so this is going to be tricky
  2. no tripod – I did my preparations but frankly, it turned out not enough as I forgot the catch that is needed to place the camera on the tripod
  3. since I will be in the capsule that moves ever so slowly, I will basically be in-motion AND trying to take night shots. *sigh*

Here’s my 3 best efforts of the Singapore skyline from the Singapore Flyer:

Skyline @ Night

Skyline @ Night.2

Skyline & Singapore Flyer Capsule - *sigh* the irritating blue/ white lights of capsule

Onto the world and beyond!

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