Monday, June 7, 2010

Accidental tourist - Little India

1st expedition was to go to Singapore's very own Little India. Guess it is one of the “weird things” that we have in Singapore, enclaves of our many and diverse ethnic groups. Little India is where all people of Indian descent gather together especially during festive Deepavali celebrations. Similarly, the Malay communities descend on Arab Street and Geylang areas during the fasting month of Ramadan (well, that’s another blog entry for another day…). People of Chinese descent go down Chinatown during Chinese New Year time….

Anyway, coming back to my Little India assignment…even though I am a local Chinese Singaporean, I love going there...largely because I can’t find great Indian cuisine anywhere else! My mission this time however was to find photos that represents this place….in my mind, temples, temples and more temples….BTW the photos are taken using my autofocus camera (Olympus UTough) not my DSLR.

Photo of the temple dome

Photo of a nice lady in red sitting down at the temple

(out of focus) Photo of a man beating the drum during the evening pooja

Onto the unknown & beyond!

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